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Waterside Advanced Apprenticeships schemes

Many industrial companies rely on complex systems to operate efficiently and to produce output to the right quality standards. Waterside trains apprentices in a variety of roles for industry:

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships typically involve carrying out fault diagnosis and maintenance on mechanical equipment such as gearboxes, pipework, chain drives, pumps, hydraulics and pneumatic systems.

Electrical Engineering Apprenticeships involve carrying out fault diagnosis and preventative maintenance on electrical equipment, such as motors, control units, PLCs, sensors, instrumentation, distribution systems and switchgear.

Design Apprenticeships are based on providing support for all areas of the engineering function. Typically apprentices will be involved in understanding problems in detail, developing solutions, working with CAD drawings and managing projects.

Process Manufacturing Apprenticeships involve safely monitoring and controlling process lines, first-line diagnostics and maintenance of faults, and typically also include continuous improvement projects to raise cost/quality/safety/environmental performance. The Waterside apprenticeship programme also includes basic engineering training to provide a technical grounding before specializing in a particular industrial process.

New apprenticeship standards from 2017

The format of apprenticeships changed in 2017, with the introduction of standards which can vary between industries.  Waterside has introduced a number of standards that match the roles above and suit the industries that we work with.  Our companies are based in sectors such as Food and Drink, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear, and Systems Engineering.  The chosen standards allow Waterside to work with a wide range of companies and offer in-depth high quality industrial training.  For more information on these changes, take a look at our blog article Apprenticeship changes in 2017, or use the Contact Us form to get in touch with your queries.

The new standard apprenticeships are as follows, the links take you to the relevant gov.uk page showing the current details:



Science Industry Maintenance Technician

Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician



Science Manufacturing Technician



Engineering Design and Draughtsperson



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