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mayor opens waterside engineering apprenticeship event

Waterside welcomed the Mayor of St Helens to its inaugural Apprenticeship Open Day, aimed at promoting apprenticeships in the Engineering and Manufacturing industries to students across the North West.

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apprentice contract signing

Taking on an apprenticeship in engineering, manufacturing or science is a major undertaking lasting 3 – 4 years.  To get a successful outcome at the end, the individual apprentice has to commit to working hard for the entire programme.  This post looks at 4 key elements that help gain commitment to an extended training journey.

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Engineering safe isolation and lock off

Maintenance engineers have an essential role is most industrial and manufacturing firms.  They proactively maintain equipment to avoid loss of productivity, and provide quick response to sudden breakdowns.  The typical maintenance engineer will take great pride in the work they do, having built up detailed knowledge of site systems over years of experience.

Risks of the job

Most processes and equipment will require safe isolation prior to commencing work.  Maintenance staff deal every day with risks arising from the presence of live voltages, high pressure oils/fluids, hazardous chemicals, mechanical movement, items falling etc. 

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Highly skilled engineering apprentices

There has been a lot of news today (22/10/15) about apprenticeships potentially becoming devalued. OFSTED is particularly concerned that the drive to create 3 million new apprenticeships is leading to many poor quality courses and training that doesn’t deliver the right skills.

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Graduate engineering training

Three new graduates with a nuclear projects firm have completed 5 weeks of practical industrial skills training with Waterside. Lewis Knotts, Jordan Egan and Luke Ross all hold engineering related degree courses, and will go on to work in design and project management for their new employer.  In order to help build their understanding of practical engineering, Waterside developed the 5 week programme consisting of mechanical skills, welding and electrical control.

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Well done to all our new Waterside apprentices who have just completed their extended first year induction.  This was an intense 7 day session where the apprentices get familiar with what their programmes involve, as well as covering many key safety skills essential for working in industry - including Dynamic Risk Assessments, Manual Handling and First Aid at Work.

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