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A group of Year 10 students from Ormiston Chadwick Academy in Widnes recently attended at an engineering taster day at Waterside Training.  The students gained first hand experience of practical mechanical and electrical engineering activities.  These included stripping and rebuilding pneumatic cylinders, correctly re-assembling a bolt arrangement, wiring up electrical plugs and creating basic electromagnets.  Manufacturing topics were also covered through a lean manufacturing game.
Waterside's Steve Gore (r) oversees students working on pneumatic cylinders
The students enjoyed the day, particularly as it was mainly practical activities.  A number of Waterside first year engineering apprentices also helped support the day and enjoyed the experience. 
As a specialist engineering and manufacturing training provider, Waterside is proud to promote STEM subjects and encourage young individuals to pursue careers in industry.  For more information, see our website at www.waterside-training.co.uk