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Waterside welcomed the Mayor of St Helens to its inaugural Apprenticeship Open Day, aimed at promoting apprenticeships in the Engineering and Manufacturing industries to students across the North West.


mayor opens engineering apprenticehip event
Mayor Cllr Steve Glover (centre) opens the event, flanked by (l-r) Katie Seabrook, Kathryn Kirby, Enid Hodgson and Philippa Clare from the Waterside business team


The Mayor, Councillor Stephen Glover, previously worked in a variety of technical roles at Pilkington Glass, which has been part of the St Helens industrial landscape for almost 200 years.  As a St Helens company specialising in engineering training, Waterside was delighted that the Mayor and his wife Mayoress Councillor Lynn Glover were able to support the event by attending.  They took a tour of the facilities and spoke to visitors, including current apprentices and representatives from Waterside’s industrial clients.

Waterside was also grateful for the support of Ron Faulkner of the IMechE, and of Dr Jette Burford, Principal of St Helens College where Waterside is based. 


mayor waterside electrical engineering workshop
The Mayor and Mayoress in the Waterside Electrical Engineering Workshop


Raising awareness of Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeships

The main aim of the event was to promote the great opportunities in electrical and mechanical engineering as well as in process manufacturing.  With ageing workforces, many industrial firms are facing a skills shortage, and the need for new engineers and technicians is predicted to be in the hundreds of thousands in the coming years.

However, many students, parents and schools careers advisors don’t have a clear understanding of what apprenticeships in these areas really involve.  Some still have the image of “wearing a dirty boiler suit holding a spanner”, but todays apprentices are often working on advanced process lines, complex systems and highly specialised equipment.  The technical skills learnt are valuable and will be in demand for their entire careers.  Almost all of Waterside’s apprentices are retained by their employers when they complete their training, a sign of the quality and depth of the training they receive.


mayor testing apprentice electrical rig
Mayor Steve Glover testing the electrical control rig that first year Waterside students develop

With students, parents and careers advisors attending from as far away as Liverpool and Manchester, the first Waterside Apprenticeship Open Day was a great success.  Further events are planned to continue promoting Electrical / Mechanical Engineering and Process Manufacturing Apprenticeships to students in the North West.


If you are a student, school or an employer and would like to know more about apprenticeships in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Process Manufacturing, call 01744 616 837 or use the Contact Us form to get in touch.